Chemical and Plastic Products

Sr.No. Industries
1 Caustic Soda
2 Chloro Sulphuric Acid
3 C.P.W.
4 Fertilisers and Chemicals
5 Hawai Chappals
6 HDPE Woven Sacks
7 Moulded Plastic Components for electronics
8 Nitro Chloro Benzene
9 Oxygen and D Acetylene Gas
10 Pesticides
11 Plastic Containers
12 Plastic Packing Strips and Twine
13 PVC Footware
14 PVC Doors
15 PVC Resins
16 PVC Rigid Pipes
17 Rubber and Plastic based other Products
18 Salts Common and Iodised
19 Sigle Super Phosphate
20 Tyre Retreading
21 Zinc Cadmium
22 Zinc Sulphate

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1  Jaipur  Jaipur Office: Rajasthan Foundation, Room No. 29, South   Block, Yojana Bhawan,Yudhishther Marg, C- Scheme, Jaipur-   302005
2  New   Delhi  Rajasthan Foundation, Bikaner House, Pandara Road, New   Delhi-110003




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