Subject Order No. Order Date Download (Click Below)
Promotion order of Sh. Sunita Vasandani on the of Addl. PS(SG-I)(Promotion quota 2019-20) P&A-932 18.12.2020 932.pdf [38KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order on the post of Sr. Asstt.(Promotion quota 2019-20) P&A-931 18.12.2020 931.pdf [95KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order on the post of Asstt. Manager(Promotion quota 2019-20) P&A-930 18.12.2020 930.pdf [91KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order on the post of Dy. Manager(Promotion quota 2019-20) P&A-929 18.12.2020 929.pdf [90KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Sh. Ravi Kumar Midha to Sr. Asstt(Promotion quota 2016-17) P&A-928 18.12.2020 928.pdf [42KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Sh. Hari Gopal Vyas to Asstt. Manager(Promotion quota 2018-19) P&A-927 18.12.2020 927.pdf [42KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Sh. S N Birla to Dy. Manager(Promotion quota 2018-19) P&A-926 18.12.2020 926.pdf [43KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Sh. H K Pawar to Dy. Manager(Promotion quota 2017-18) P&A-925 18.12.2020 925.pdf [43KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Dy. Manager to Manager(Promotion quota 2019-20) P&A- 882 24.06.2020 882.PDF [58KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Sh. Bhanwar Lal to the Post of Assistant (Promotion quota 2017-18) P&A- 855 31.01.2020 855.pdf [40KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Jr.Assistant/Typist to Assistant (Promotion quota 2018-19) P&A- 854 31.01.2020 854.pdf [41KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Assistant to Senior Assistant (Promotion quota 2018-19) P&A- 850 28.01.2020 850.pdf [72 KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Senior Assistant to Assistant Manager (Promotion quota 2018-19) P&A- 840 24.12.2019 840.pdf [61 KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Asstt. Managers to Dy. Manager (Promotion quota 2018-19) P&A- 830 05.12.2019 830.pdf [366 KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion order of Managers to DGM (Promotion quota 2019-20) P&A- 811 14.10.2019 811.pdf [54 KB] [ENGLISH]
Change in promotion quota of Managers from 2014-15 to 2015-16 P&A -802 16.09.2019 802.pdf [50 KB] [ENGLISH]
Promotion of Shri G.L. Sanwaria, DM (Retd.) to Manager against promotion quota of FY 2014-15 P&A-801 16.09.2019 801.pdf [50 KB] [ENGLISH]