Finance (F&A) - Circulars / Orders

Subject    Order No. PG No.  Order Date
Simplification in disbursement procedure RFC/Fin./OC/19-20/614 1542 06.03.2020
Information of GST F.11(262)/18-19/128   18.12.2018
Applicability of GST-TDS and guidelines thereof F.11/(268)/115   15.11.2018
Targets of Disbursement  for FY 2018-19 RFC/Fin/Disb/18-19/87   10.05.2018
Review & Rectification of loan accounts having balances upto Rs. 2000/- RFC/F.11/(266)/166   02.08.2017
Applicability of GST w.e.f. 01.07.2017 RFC/F.11/(229)/135   03.07.2017
Targets of Disbursement for FY-2017-18 RFC/Fin./222   08.05.2017
Prudential Norms on Income Recognition, Asset Classfication(IRAC) and provisioning pertaining to advances  RFC./F/Fin/11/09/267   23.01.2017
Revision in Banking Arrangements RFC/C/53/63/23   03.05.2016
Cash Transaction Report (CTR) and Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) RFC/F./Fin/306   16/28.12.2016
Compliance Chart of Pre-disbursement terms & conditions RFC/F./Fin/305   16/28.12.2016
Independent verification of Investment of Promoters' contribution RFC/F./Fin/304   16/28.12.2016

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