S.No. Subject Download (Click Below)
1 (PAYMENT OF GRATUITY TO EMPLOYEES) REGULATIONS, 1975 (Amended up to 2018) (GratuityRegulation1975.pdf [175 KB] [ENGLISH]
2 EMPLOYEES PENSION REGULATIONS, 1990 (Amended upto 2018) EmployeesPensionRegulation1990.pdf [478 KB] [ENGLISH]
3 RFC (Staff) Regulations, 1958 (Amended upto 2018) RFC(Staff)Regulations1958.pdf [1.38 MB] [ENGLISH]
4 RFC (Staff) Regulations, 1958 (Amended upto December, 1995) RFC (Staff) Regulations, 1958 (Amended upto December, 1995).pdf [3.9 MB] [ENGLISH]

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