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Right to Information Act 2005


Right to Information Act 2005
List of Public information officer and Assistant Public information officers of the corporation
Particular of RFC , Its Function and Duties
Organisational Chart
Information regarding various important committees
Total Staff Strength
Name of Officers Posted at Head Office
Name of Officers Posted at Field Offices
Remuneration Paid to Employees Posted At Branches of the Corporation (per month)
Branch Employees
Remuneration Paid to Employees Posted At Head Office of the Corporation (per month)
"A" Class Employees "B" Class Employees "C" Class Employees
Working of different Sections at Head Office
1.Credit Appraisal Section
2. Finance Section
3. Law Section
4. FR( Follow up & Recovery ) Section & ARRC Section
5. Vigilance Section
Minutes of HOLC Meeting
HOLC 2006-07
HOLC 2012-13
Minutes of Spl HOLC Meeting
SPL HOLC 2006-07
SPL HOLC 2007-08
SPL HOLC 2008-09
SPL HOLC 2009-10
SPL HOLC 2010-11
SPL HOLC 16-03-11
Minutes of SLC Meeting
SLC 2006-07
SLC 2007-08
SLC 2008-09
SLC 2009-10
SLC 2010-11
SLC 2011
SLC Minutes 24-03-2011

SLC Minutes 20.12.2012  SLC Minutes 13.03.2013  SLC Minutes 12.06.2013  SLC Minutes 11.09.2013  SLC Minutes 18.12.2013  SLC Minutes 06.06.2014  SLC Minutes 26.09.2014

Important Circulars

RFC (Staff) Regulations, 1958 (Amended upto December, 1995)RFC (Staff) Regulations 1958 (Amended upto December, 1995)

Circulars Related to Credit Appraisal Section
PG Circular PG Circular PG Circular PG Circular Faa Scheme Circular General Circular O&M Circular    
PC & CC - MINUTES 2008-09 PC & CC - MINUTES 2009-10 PC & CC - MINUTES 2010-11  
Policy Guidelines for selected industries PG Circular 2008-09    
PC & CC - MINUTES 2011-12 PG Circular 2009-10
PC & CC - MINUTES 2012-13 PG Circular 2010-11    
CMD Level ED Level PG Circular 2011-12
Circular 2012-13
PG Circular 2012-13

PC & CC MINUTES 2013-14

CMD Level

PC & CC MINUTES 2013-14 ED Level PG Circular 2013-14
PC & CC MINUTES 2014-15 MD Level PC & CC MINUTES 2014-15 ED Level PG Circular 2014-15
    PG Circular 2015-16
Circulars Related to Law and RTI Section

Law Conveyance Circular

Law Litigation Circular

Important Court Judgement RTI Circulars    
Circulars Related to Good Borrower Section
PG, O&M Circulars    
FR-383 FR-391 FR-392 FR-393 Scheme for Settelment of Small Loan Cases FR-397    
Other FR-Circulars FR.463 to 496 Incentive Scheme for technology upgradation FR Circular 2008-09 FR Circular     
Circulars Related to ARRC Section
Circulars Related to FR-DDW Section
Circulars Related to FR-DDW Section    
Circulars Related to Account Section
Circulars Related to Account Section    
Circulars Related to GAD Section
PG-1151 PG-1058 PG Circulars    
Circulars Related to P&A Section
Circulars Related to P&A Section
Delegation of powers to grant leave/permission to leave headquarter
RFC (Staff) Regulations, 1958 (Amended upto December, 1995)
Circulars/order related to vacancies in various deptt  
Circulars Related to A&I Section
PG, O&M and General Circulars    
Circulars Related to Technical Section
Black Listing of P&M Supplier MRV Circular Wind Energy Circular Building Const Rates
Circulars Related to Finance Section
Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Hotel Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme Disbursement Related Circulars      
2% Interest Subsidy Scheme, 1998 5% Interest Incentive under RTUF Scheme State Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme, 1990 Circulars


Status of pending application under RTI - Act. 2005

Notification issued by SB Cell

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