Credit Appraisal Section - Circulars / Orders

Subject    Order No.  Order Date
Targets for sanction of YUPY cases for FY 2019-20
CAS-38 03.05.2019
Targets for sanction for FY 2019-20
CAS-37 03.05.2019
Issuance of share premium based on fair market value CAS-36 24.04.2019
Incentive for online submission of Loan Applications CAS-35 22.03.2019
Saral Scheme for existing running guest houses CAS-34 01.11.2018
Closure of loan applications CAS-33 30.08.2018
Loan Policy of FY-2018-19 CAS-32 17.07.2018
Targets for sanction for FY 2018-19
CAS-31 25.04.2018
Targets for sanction of YUPY cases for FY 2018-19 CAS-30 25.04.2018
Share premium as source of promoter contribution CAS-29 08.03.2018
Promoter contribution in installments CAS-28 28.02.2018
Delegation of Powers to Sanction Loan Cases CAS-27 16.01.2018
Saral Scheme for existing running Guest House CAS-26 08.12.2017
Know your customer(KYC) CAS-24 18.09.2017
Disbursement in Platinum Card Loan (PCL) Scheme CAS-23 13.09.2017
Documents to be relied upon for ascertaining the investment in plant & machinery for MSME classification LA-13(2)/194 (cas-22) 05.09.2017
Delegation of Powers to sanction loan cases up to Rs. 150.00 lac to DLAC headed by Manager(Br.) P&G/1517(CAS-21) 16.08.2017
Financing to CRE Cases P&G/1516(CAS-20) 11.08.2017
Liquidated damages in YUPY cases P&G/1515 (CAS-19) 11.08.2017
Ban on sales & use of Furnace oil & pet-coke in NCR-Compliance of order passed by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India CAS-18 08.08.2017
Increase in loan limit eligible for interest subvention under YUPY Scheme from Rs.90.00 lakh to Rs. 150.00 lakh P&G/1514 (CAS-17) 06.07.2017
Loan Policy for the F.Y. 2017-18 RFC/LA-16(25)/27 07/19.04.2017
Extension in moratorium period and deferment of loan sanctioned under Flexi Loan Scheme RFC/GBD/Gen./149/338 10.01.2017
Saral Scheme RFC/LA-12(71)/337 10.01.2017
Financing in Rented Premises RFC/LA-13(4)/336 10.01.2017
Revision in the interest Rate structure of the Corporation RFC/LA-13(11)/328 02.01.2017
Gazette Notification of Business Registration Number in the State of Rajasthan RFC/CAS-1/LA-15(11)/3221 21.12.2016
CIBIL Report for Associate Concerns, Sister Concerns & Guarantors RFC/CAS-1/GBD/Gen.30/123(CAS-8 ) 03.08.2016
Scheme for Financing against land alloted by RIICO for Industrial Units, Hotels and Hospitals RFC/LA-GBD/Gen-125/56 (CAS-7) 15.06.2016
Clubbing of Investment of different enterprises under the same ownership RFC/LA-13(2)/31 (CAS-6) 30.05.2016
Loan Policy for the F.Y. 2016-17 RFC/LA-16(25)/40  (CAS-4) 05.05.2016
Scheme for financing against land alloted by RIICO for Industrial Units, Hotels and Hospitals RFC/LA-GBD/Gen. 125/173 (CPBD 32) 28.03.2016
Revision in Building constructions rates for appraisal of loan cases and valuation of buildings RFC/LA-16(30)/162 23.02.2016
Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojna RFC/LA-12(80)/159 18.02.2016
Amended Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (ATUFS) RFC/LA-15(6)/154 15.02.2016
Processing of loan applications at HQ RFC/LA-13(3)/158 12.02.2016
Scheme for financing Guest Houses RFC/LA-12(4)/127 12.01.2016
Top Up loan Scheme RFC/LA-12(65)/126 12.01.2016
Scheme for Financial Assistance for Information Technology RFC/LA-12(51)/125 11.01.2016
Loan applications under Yuva Udymita Protsahan Yojna (YUPY) RFC/LA-12(80)/85 16.10.2015
Scheme for financing Solar Power Projects RFC/CPBD-27/84 16.10.2015
Revision in the interest rate structure of the Corporation RFC/LA-13(11)/80 12.10.2015
Yuva Udymita Protsahan Yojna (YUPY) RFC/LA-12(80)/49 20.07.2015
Scheme for Financing against land alloted by RIICO for Industrial units, Hotels & Hospitals RFC/GBD(Gen.)125/43   17.07.2015
Processing Charges  RFC/LA-11(31)/42 17.07.2015
Application Fee RFC/LA-13(4)/44 17.07.2015
Saral Scheme for SME Sector (Existing Industrial Running Units) RFC/LA-12(71)/41 17.07.2015
Repayment period in General Loan Scheme, Hospitals Nursing Homes, Hotel & Tourism related Projects RFC/LA-13(3)/13 28.04.2015
Flexi Loan Scheme for Good Borrowers RFC/GBD-Gen.149/9 24.04.2015
Saral Scheme RFC/LA-12(71)/5 10.04.2015
Revision in interest rate and to reintroduce the reset clause RFC/LA-13(11)/294 27.03.2015
Finance Against Assets Scheme RFC/LA-GBD/GEN-125/234 20.01.2015

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