Ruda Projects
Bagru Hand Block Printing Project (2009-2013) - Industry Department (GoR).
Partner: Industry Department, Govt. of Rajasthan,
Period: 2009 to 2013
Amount: Rs 37,00,000/-
Project Area: Bagru, Kaladera, Jairampura, Jahota
Key Interventions:
1. Improvements of Design and Colours
2. Preparation of New Blocks
3. Technological Intervention.
4. Marketing exposure and filed visit
5. Technical Support
Artisan Beneficiaries
Groups / SHGs – Bagru Haththappa Chhapai Dastkar Sarankshan Evam Vikas Samiti,
Families – 288 Families
Hastshilp Kasidakari Cluster Shiv/ Chautan Block Barmer (2011-2014)
Partner: Industry Department, Govt. of Rajasthan,
Period: 2011 to 2014
Amount: Rs 74,00,000/-
Project Area: Shiv and Chouhatan Blocks of Barmer Dist.
Key Interventions:
1. Skill & Design Improvement
2. Value Addition of Product & Income Generation
3. Marketing of Product
4. Exposure visit
5. Exhibition
6. Technological Intervention through IICD Jaipur & Pearl Academy of Fashion
Artisan Beneficiaries
Groups / SHGs – MMBA, SURE, Barmer ,
Families – 510 Families
“Main Streaming Rural Products” under Special SGSY
Project Partner: Ministry of Rural Development, GoI
Period: 2004-2013
Amount: Rs 5,26,00,000/-
Project Area: Rajsamand, Banswara, Dungarpur & Udaipur
Key Interventions:
1. Revival of ethnic crafts
2. Socioeconomic development of the BPL
3. Design Support
4. Technical support
5. Common Facility Center
6. Marketing & Credit Facilitation
Artisan Beneficiaries
Groups / SHGs – 250 SHGs under 1 Umbrella
Families – 2960 (70%BPL & 30%APL) Families
DPIP Project
Name: “District Poverty Initiatives Project” (DPIP) – a World Bank funded project
Partner: World Bank & Department of Rural Development, GoR
Period: 2003-2005
Amount: Rs 31,00,00,000/-
Project Area: Jhalawar, Rajsamand, Churu, Tonk, Baran, Dausa & Dholpur
Key Interventions:
1. Development of Microenterprise activities in 7 poorest of the poor districts of Rajsathan.
2. Socioeconomic development of the BPL through IGA
3. Design &Technical support
4. Marketing & Credit Facilitation
Artisan Beneficiaries
Groups / SHGs – 700 Common Interest Groups (CIGs)
Families – 7000
“Integrated Development of Bamboo & Lantana Based Craft Products” under Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hastkakla Vikas Yojana
Partner: The Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textile, GoI
Period: 2004-2009
Amount: Rs 3,08,00,000/-
Project Area: Jhalawar District
Key Interventions:
1. Integrated Development of Bamboo & Lantana Based Craft Products
2. Socioeconomic development of the Dastkar community
3. Design &Technical support
4. Common Facility Center
5. Marketing & Credit Facilitation
6. Advocacy & R & D
Artisan Beneficiaries
Groups / SHGs – 50 SHGs under 1 Federation
Families – 500
UNFPA-DWCD Women Microenterprises Development Project
Period: 2001-2003
Amount: Rs 36,00,000/-
Project Area: 24 Villages of Rajgarh Block, District Alwar
Key Interventions:
1. Training in micro enterprise development
2. EDPs for women entrepreneurs
3. Social inputs and awareness on RH issues
4. Establishment of enterprise service center ESC) for providing business know how
Artisan Beneficiaries
Groups / SHGs – 35 SGHs
Families – 522 Families
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