Our Team

Smt. Archana Singh, IAS
Commissioner (Investment & NRIs)

Overall Supervision, Direction, Monitoring and Control


Smt. Rukmani Riar, IAS
Additional Commissioner (Investment & NRIs)

1. Establishment

2. Cabinet Meetings & Empowered Committee Meetings


Shri Ashok Pathak

Chief General Manager (Finance & Administration Division)

  1. All Finance & Accounts matters – Budget, Expenditure, Audit, Statutory Compilance etc.
  2. Stores, Maintenance, Car Pool, Security, Library etc.
  3. Govt. matters – co-ordination & communication, replies, reports, compliances etc.   
  4. Governing Body Meetings
  5. Board Meetings of RIICO, RAJSICO & PDCOR
  6. Vidhan Sabha , RTI Matters, Legal Matters

Ms. Ritu Lohiya

Chief General Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

  1. Co-ordination & supervision of investment promotion activities, participation in investment events & other related activities.
  2. Overall supervision & co-ordination of SEC Meetings & Cabinet Meetings/Board meetings.
  3. Matters related to RIPS/Customized package.
  4. New Business Development- supervision
  5. Policy Advocacy

Ms. Nidhi Sen

General Manager (Information Division)

  1. Take action regarding installation of land line connection and repairing of computer and its peripherals at her level.
  2. Creation of database of Foreign embassy in India/Meetings.
  3. Creation of database of various industrial associations/Meetings held.
  4. Creation of database of various investment promotion/tourism related events held in the NCR region/Events attended.
  5. Creation of database of various Head offices of various Companies in the NCR region/Meetings held.



Mr. Nagesh C sharma

General Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

  1. Single Window Act- Reforms & Initiatives
  2. Supervision, co-ordination and monitoring of 'One -Stop Shop' facility.
  3. Country specific delegations, Visits of various dignitaries, Country specific events & notes.
  4. Bilateral Co-operation & FDI, contact with foreign Embassies.
  5. International Trade policy and promotion
  6. Matter requiring inter departmental coordination.
  7. Matters not allocated to anyone else.

Ms. R Malarvizhi

Dy. General Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

  1. Supervision, co-ordination and monitoring of Electronic Single Window Clearance System/One Stop Shop Portal.
  2. Matters related to Rajasthan MSME (Facilitation of Establishment and Operation) Act 2019.
  3. BRAP

Investment Promotion Sectors :  

  1. Education- School, Higher & Technical
  2. Gems & Jewellery
  3. Medical, Wellness and Healthcare

Ms. Nand Kishor Sharma

Asstt. General Manager (Computer)

  1. Computer Networking & Systems Management, MIS
  2. IT support to Electronic Single Window Clearance System including data maintenance and MIS.
  3. Management, development, acquisition and operation of Software and Hardware, Computer Training
  4. Computer related support service for all officers
  5. Updations in CMIS, Rajasthan Sampark  & Sugam Samadhan Portal

Mrs.Vandana Varma,

Asstt.General Mananger(F&A Division)

(On Leave)

  1. Monthly & Quarterly Reports to Departments like Law, Industries,Statistics, Plan, CMO, etc.
  2. Progress in implementation of Governor’s speech, Budget Announcements, Policy Documents, Timelines etc.
  3. Vidhan Sabha Matters
  4. Monitoring of CM References and CM Directions
  5. Recruitment & Selection, Personnel & Administration Matters
  6. Government Correspondence on various matters
  7. Assist CGM (F&A) in various matters

Investment Promotion Sectors : 

Leather & Leather products


Mr. Reno Raj

Dy. General Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

  1. Planning & coordination of IP division.
  2. Coordinating necessary inputs to the Planning Department.
  3. Coordinating Study & Analysis of Economic Performance, Investment Trends & Indicators.
  4. Supervision of KP.
  5. Matters related to Smart Cities.
  6. WTO related issues



Ms. Sonia Shangari

Dy. General Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

Monitoring of RR-2015 MoUs, data compilation and co-ordination of various meetings related to MoUs.

Investment Promotion Sectors :

  1. Agriculture & Agriculture Marketing, Agro-Processing, Breweries, Food Park. 
  2. Logistics & Warehousing
  3. Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fishries & Forestry

Ms. Divya K. Nair

Asstt.General Mananger (Information Division)

  1. PR/ Promotional activities & meterials, Website, News Letters & Publications, Films.
  2. Events, Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars, Workshop and Summits etc.
  3. Preparation of Presentations for events.
  4. IP Sector : Civil Aviation.
  5. Info. Division related tasks.
Ms. Mahima Pareek

Asstt.General Mananger (Investment Promotion Division)

  1. Assisting CGM (RL) in coordination of SEC, Cbinet Meetings and follow up.State Empowered Committee, CS & Cabinet meetings and follow-up,
  2. Data maintenance & monitoring of SEC & Cabinet cases and Other Cases as required.
  3. GOI related matters-Information compilation.
  4. Skill analysis/upgradation/performance management of officers.
  5. Inputs for Presentations & Meetings, policies & Acts, Concept Notes.
  6. IP division Data Compilation & Analysis, Report Generation - all sources
  7. IP Sector : Defence, Tourism
  8. Compilation and dissimination of Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Progress Reports to various Govt. Departments.
  9. Progress in implimentation of Governor's speech, Budget Announcements, Policy Documents including timelines etc.
  10. Compilation of status/Progress related to CM References and CM Directions matters.
  11. Vidhan Sabha Matters.

Ms. Neha Goswami

Asstt.General Mananger (Finance & Administration Division)

Investment Promotion Sectors :

  1. Establishment & Personnel Matters, Recruitment & Selection
  2. RTI and Appeals
  3. Sampark Portal
  4. Matters pertaining to BIP rules/GB meeting.

Mr. Amit Bora

Manager (Investment Promotion Division)


Investment Promotion Sectors :

  1. Skill.
  2. IT & Electronics and Communication related matters.
  3. ESDM & Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Waste treatment, environment related matters.

Mr. Umesh Kumar Sharma

Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

  1. Project Monitoring group (PMG).
  2. India investment Grid (IIG)
  3. Project Development Cell.
  4. Matter Pertaining to 'One Stop Shop'

Investment Promotion Sectors :

  1. Auto & Auto components, Electronic Vehicles
  2. Plastic.
  3. Ceramics & Glass
  4. Chemical & Petrochemical.
  5. Pharmaceuticals

Ms. Monica Choudhary

Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

Investment Promotion Sectors :

  1. Energy Renewable & Non Renewable, Solar manufacturing
  2. Mines & Minerals, Iron & Steel.
  3. Petroleum & Natural Gas and Gas Grid Development
  4. Transporation, Road, Rail, Bridges.
  5. Water sector projects.

Ms. Kavita Rajora

Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

  1. CM Gifts

Investment Promotion Sectors :

  1. SEZs, Industrial Parks/Estates, Textiles Park, Logistic Park etc.
  2. Textile, Power Loom and Apparels
  3. Leather.
  4. Housing & Real Estate
  5. MSME related matters

Dr. Madan Yadav

Manager (Investment Promotion Division)

  1. OIC -Legal Matters.
  2. OIC - Store and Library.
  3. Events- Logistic & protocol

Investment Promotion Sectors :

  1. Cement Sector
  2. Retail

Mr. P.C Verma

SR. Accounts Analyst

  1. Preparation of vouchers
  2. Posting and entries in Cash Book, Journal and Ledger
  3. Examination and payment of T.A. and Medical Claims including proper recording thereof
  4. Control of salary related matters, including contract fee to the contract employees, deductions and deposition of challans, etc.
  5. Control of matters related to Provident Fund accounting
  6. Operation of Bank Accounts, P.D. Account and its timely re-conciliation
  7. Monitoring and timely settlement of Advances
  8. Any other work, in addition to above, as instructed by the CGM(F&A) from time to time.

Financial Expert

  1. Monitoring of internal, Statutory and A.G Audit, timely implementation of the corrective action on audit observations and objections
  2. Monitor fimely preparation and submission of final accounts/ annual  accounts, Financial Reporting (both external and internal) for the successful implementation of MIS.
  3. Budget: Budget formulation and control including its linkage with action plan, periodic review of expenditure and timely re-appropriation.
  4. Meetings, Correspondence & report to Government relating to Plan fund, Budget and other financial matters.
  5. Setting up of financial and accounting systems in BIP's satellite offices
  6. Treasury Functions of the organization
  7. All matters relating to payments including T.A. and Medical Bills
  8. Compliance of matters relating in income tax, Corporate Laws & other tax related matters
  9. Any other work in adition to above as instructed by the CGM (F&A) from time to time