Bureau of Public Enterprises

Bureau of Public Enterprises was constituted in the year 1978 under the administrative control of State Enterprises Department. It was reconstituted vide department of personnel and administrative reforms order No. F7(57)AR/5/78/jaipur. Dated 5th Sept. 1984, which reads as under - 

In supersession of Government order No. F7(57)AR/5176 dated 29th September, 1978 the governor is hereby pleased to reconstituted the Bureau of Public Enterprises as under :


Chief Secretary



Finance Secretary



Industries Secretary



Two Chief Executives of State Undertakings, to be nominated by the State Govt. on the basis of Annual Rotation.



Two Expert in the fields of management/ finance / commercial accounting / technology to be nominated by the State Govt.



Secretary State Enterprises

Member Secretary

The functions of the Bureau shall be as follows :

( 1. ) 
To monitor, review and evaluate the functioning of all State Public Sector Undertaking with a view of helping the Individual units to attain their corporate objectives by maximizing managerial efficiency and obtaining optimum results on investments.

( 2. ) To issue-guidelines to state enterprises and/or to the Directors/Members nominated by the Govt. on their boards/governing bodies as may be consider necessary from time to time for taking appropriate corrective measures and bringing about improvements in systems, procedures, technology, management practices, accounting quality controls and in various other areas of enterprise management.

( 3. ) To coordinate the working of the various state enterprises and to endeavour that there is a certain degree of uniformity of approach in matters of common concerns, such as personnel policies and procedures, recruitment procedures, training and placing of persons, wage structure ,stares management including purchase and disposal procedures, welfare benefits to staff, and the like.

( 4. ) To held identifying the areas where linkages and avenues for coordinated or joint efforts in the fields of purchases, marketing’s, financing etc. could be established between various state enterprises.

( 5. ) To arrange for common facilities and services as training of personnel, undertaking of employees housing schemes, computer facilities and the like.

( 6. ) To serve as a clearing house for the collection and the dis-semination of information for all state public sector undertakings.

( 7. ) Such other functions as may be entrusted to the bureau by the government from time to time. 

Bureau of Public Enterprises will be a permanent body, and its Administrative Department will be the State Enterprise Department.

Government Order No. F.23(2)AR/1/78 dated the 6th October, 1978 vide which an Investment Cell was created in the Finance Department will stand modified to the extent that it will no longer perform any of the functions set out for the Bureau of Public Enterprises. The Investment Cell will continue to deal with the work relating to public investments and the public investment board constituted vide Government Order No F.7(56)AR/5/78 dated 29/9/78, and to ensure that all public undertakings :

( a. ) Maintain complete and scientifically prepared commercial accounts for the enterprise as a whole, as well as for each of its subsidiary units;

( b. ) Undertake regular periodical reviews of the financial working of the undertakings, including preparation of trial balance, profit and loss and trading accounts, cash flow statements and the like, with a view to take appropriate decisions and applying corrective measures in time;

( c. ) Make adequate arrangements for the auditing of their accounts;

( d. ) Prepare the annual accounts in time.

Presently there are 34 Nos. of PSUs in purview of BPE. There is no PSU under the administrative control of BPE. These PSUs have separately administrative department and working under direct control of their Deptt.

These enterprises, operate in different sectors of economy. Some enterprises are engaged in manufacturing activities like Sugar, Mining, Chemicals and Minerals etc. Some are engaged in activities like Tourism, Warehousing, provision of Agriculture inputs, Housing, Road Transport and Electricity etc. Some others function as financial institutions for industrial development. The growing volume of investment in these public sector enterprises in the state has helped in strengthening infrastructure, provision of critical inputs and expansion of vital business activities.

The State Bureau of Public Enterprises, every year brings out a comprehensive document titled "Public Enterprises Profile" reflecting financial and physical performance of State Public Sector undertakings in aggregate as well as individual.