Bureau of Public Enterprises

BPE is a permanent body under the administrative control of State Enterprise Department, which is headed by principal Secretary.

Tasks undertaken by Bureau of Public Enterprises :

For bringing about a reasonable degree of uniformity in the matters like devising of pay scales, allowances and perks etc. for the employees of PSUs, BPE has issued several guidelines covering personnel, financial and other matters keeping in view the objectives and the functions assigned to it.

BPE introduced a uniform scheme of voluntary retirement for rationalizing number of employees alongwith a scheme of redeployment of excess employees at one enterprise to another enterprise where requirement exists.

Creation of State Renewal Fund (Joint effort of GOR and PSUs) with the objective of granting financial assistance to PSUs on specific terms and conditions for rehabilitation and restructuring of man power. 

BPE collects information from PSUs, compiles it and publish in a booklet entitled “Public Enterprises Profile” on yearly basis. This profile is distributed amongst PSUs, Govt. departments, public representatives and others. The profiles has been published for the year upto 2020-2021. This activity serves as Nodal agency for collection and dissemination of information of PSUs under the purview of BPE.

References received from Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, other departments of Govt. of Rajasthan and other agencies for providing information concerning the PSUs are attended to in certain matters. BPE collects the required information from the PSUs, compiles it and provides to the respective institution.

Conferment of meritorious awards to the PSUs employees on the Independence day and Republic day celebration.

BPE is the Nodal agency for the clearance of foreign visit proposals relating to the PSUs employees.

BPE is coordinating agency for absorption of surplus employees of the PSUs under the purview of BPE.

BPE has also been made nodal agency for appointment of dependent of deceased employees of one PSU in another PSU under the purview of BPE...