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Well known as the treasure trove of India, Rajasthan stands among the richest states of the country in terms of art and craft. Not only within India but also abroad, Rajasthan is famous for its handicraft work like Paintings, Blue Pottery, Stone Carvings, Wood and Sandal Wood Work, Carpets, Metal Work, Leather craft, Lac work, Weaving etc. The creativity of the artists can clearly be seen by the use of flamboyant designs and vibrant color patterns that they use while preparing their products.

The artwork is not limited to decorative items only. It can be well seen even in the household utensils, embellished jewellery designs, colorful attires and embroidered ethnic shoes which provide a rich look to the otherwise monotonous desert sands.

The art and craftsmenship is another reason for most of the foreigners to keep Rajasthan in their travel list while visiting India and hence, art and craft work helps in raising revenues for Rajasthan Tourism department to quite an extent.

Such brilliance in the art is sometimes considered to be because of the fact that the kings who ruled Rajasthan in the past were great pioneers of art and crafts themselves and hence, were great motivators for the common public to learn and practice it too.

With the presence of such flawless talent available in the State, as a responsibility of the Government, this website has been developed as a platform for the artisans and weavers to display their information and artwork talent for the viewers online. Another major reason behind such an initiative is to bring forth the existing talent of Rajasthan in the field of art and craft work and encourage upcoming talent in the same field as well.