Jaipuri Razai


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Jaipuri Razais/Quilts- The world renowned Jaipur Razais or Quilts have a rich tradition. The antiquity of jaipuri Razai can be traced back to about 280years when a group of Mansuris (the cotton mattresses and quilt maker) shifted from Amber to Jaipur. Kadar Bux, a young razai maker gifted a jewel of razai (quilt), weighing only a pao (250gms.) of cotton to Maharaja Madho Singh ji. The Maharaja was so impressed that he gave Kadar Bux the title of Patel and also awarded him with two shops which lie opposite to the Sawai Man Singh Hall adjacent to Hawa Hahal. Today, there are several small shops belonging to the descendants of Kadar Bus which carry rich tradition of Rajai making. The secret of Jaipuri quilts lie in the carding (dhunai) of the cotton. It us done by hand so that quilts remain wxtra light and extra warm. Basically, there are three types of quilts- cotton, velvet and silk, the velvet ones being the costliest. The price of a quilt is decided by the type of cloth and cotton used, and also the type of carding and stitching.

Jaipuri Double Bed Quilts- Range of products include Jaipuri Double Bed Quilts such as Golden Print Pure Cotton Double Bed Razai Quilt, Traditional Jaipuri Print Cotton Double Bed Quilt, Jaipuri Print Stylish Cotton Double Bed Razai Quilt 312, Jaipuri Block Print Cotton Double Bed Razai Quilt, Traditional Gold Printed Cotton Double Bed Quilt 315, Jaipuri Hand Block Cotton Double Bed Razai Quilt