Sheet Metal


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The Sheet Metal Work practised in Jaipur and Alwar to the ceremonial requirements of the region`s temples. The chief products are mohras, the sheet metal masks depicting the various divinities worshipped locally chattries , the umbrellas used to shield the deities when they are taken out of the temple premises in festive processions. In addition to thids prolific temple patronage, the craft also receives an impetus during the nine days of the Dussehra festival when a temporary market is set up and smaller sheet metal objects such as the Brass, Copper and Silver utensils used in domestic rituals and a number of musical instruments are purchased by the devotees. This assorted range of objects is created from metal sheets on which the form is first transferred and then die-pressed or only beaten. Once the desired shape is achieved, the object is heated in a coal-fired to soften it and grant it luster. The figurative details are carved on and the art effect is polished with lemon leaves.