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The Jangid communities have extended their wood carving skills to silver work, adapting their ability to model three-dimensional products to the translation of silver into large products. The majority of these items cater to religious and ritual requirements. The primary items produced are therefore temple idols, Furniture cladding, shrines, ritual lamps and the lota or water containers used in ritual ablutions. While most of these objects are made solely when there is demand, silver coins and small boxes are made in preparation of sale during the festival of Diwali.

The silver is procured from the local market in the form of slabs known as siti. Depending on the product to be made, the silver may be converted into sheets or melted and recast into a particular form. In Pali district, the jewelers of the Soni community craft silver ornaments for the Rabari, a pastoral community of Rajasthan.