Pattu Weaving


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Pattu Weaving is very popular throughout Rajasthan and it is a type of general weaving. Pattu weaving is used a lot in Rajasthan and other parts of the Western India. Western Rajasthan has special importance for pattu weaving where you can find its made blanket, shawls and pattu or patti which is a narrow strip of cloth.

The traditional pattu wears can be found in Barmer, Jaisalmer and their nearby villages. Sheep and camel wool is found in the natural cream color, black and brown are widely used for weaving pattu. The usages of cotton fiber and synthetic dyes have included others such as orange, bright red, blue, pink, green and saffron. 

Fabric is used in twill weave on pit loom and numerous methods are produced through the interlocking techniques and additional weft figuring. In warping, different kinds of vertical warp bands in complementary colors are included on both sides of the loom and then the technique of interlocking is employed to obtain the pure color. Bobbin contains a weft in similar color as the separate band, applied of weaving the restricted parts of bands. 

Additional weft calculating that carried around embroidery looking on loom. It appears beautiful on the clothing. The additional weft is added on a small size of stick which is passed amid a bare minimum of 2 and a maximum level of 12 picks. The craftsman picks up the warp yarns and passes it to put in the additional weft yarn. Meghval community in Rajasthan has specialty in making a wide range of pattus such as kashida pattu, baladi check and hiravali pattu. Other 2 popular designs made in this region are malani and bhojsari. Weavers in Rajasthan use the similar pattern for producing woollen dhabla and other types of lower garments for Kumhar and Gujar women.

Motifs have a special geometric way. A wide range of articles and the floor and wall paintings are also known as mandana with same motifs. All pattus have a feature connected in the centre part. Due to this piece which is an important woven on the look having narrow width. There are 2 strips connected to make the pattu available for both men and women. Colorful and bright pattu is warm and large enough to easily drape the body. Shepherds, farmers, and other people use it widely in the villages of Rajasthan in the winter season.