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  • 10,455 sq.kms. (3.05 per cent of the State)


Bhilwara district lies in the south-eastern part of Rajasthan. The district is bound by Ajmer in North, Chittaurgarh in south, Udaipur in west and Bundi in the east.

Distance from Major Cities

  • Jaipur-254 kms.
  • Delhi-215 kms.
  • Ahmedabad-371 kms.
  • Mumbai-922 kms.

Climate and Rainfall

  • The district has moderate climate. The summer is dry and the winters are severe.
  • Maximum temperature 45 degrees celsius
  • Minimum temperature 7 degrees celsius
  • The average rainfall in the district is 79.60 cms

Administrative Setup

From administrative point of view, Bhilwara district is part of Ajmer division. It is divided into five sub-divisions and 11 tehsils. It has 6 towns and 11 panchayat samitis.

Human Resources

Indicators of Human Resources Units No.
Population persons 20,09,516
Density of population persons per sq.kms 192
Literacy pe cent 51.09
Total working population per cent 33.00
Percentage distribution of work force Units No.
Cultivators per cent 80.75
Agricultural labourers per cent 9.86
Manufacturing, processing servicing and repairs per cent 2.22
Other workers per cent 7.17

Major Crops and Their Production

Sr. Production 2004-05 Tonnes
1 Wheat 1,48,710
2 Maize 1,28,791
3 Rapeseed and Mustard 22,244
4 Jowar 12,115
5 Pulses 18,041
6 Groundnut 14,461
7 Barley 12,252
8 Sesamum 1,719
9 Sugarcane 7,313
10 Cotton 1,935
11 Red chillies 2,107
12 Gram 10,900
13 Bajra 305

Mineral Production

Sr. Production 1999-00 Tonnes
1 Felspar 18,972
2 Lead 23,374
3 Quartz 7,646
4 Zinc Conc. 2,79,340
5 Calcite 690
6 Garnet (Abrasive) 37
7 Kaoline 1,05,283
8 Mica 41
9 Mica (waste and scrap) 276
10 Ochre 902
11 Steatite 94,432


  • Electricity 
    Bhilwara receives electricity from Kota, Beawar, Rana Pratap Sagar and Nimbahera. All the 1,565 villages have been electrified.
  • Water
    The main rivers in the district are Banas, Beduch, Kothari, Khari, Menaali, Unli and Meaj. The water table in the district is comparatively high between 10 to 20 meters. The ground water is fresh and potable. The district has about 86,600 wells and 56 tube-wells, providing drinking water and irrigation facilities.
  • Road Transport
    State Hightway (Jaipur-Udaipur) passes through the district. The total road length in the district is 3,883 kms as on 31 March 2000.
  • Rail Transport
    A meter gauge railway line measuring 84 kms., connects Ajmer with Khandwa and passes through the district. A broad gauge line has also been laid from Kota to Chittorgarh which passes through the district at Mandalgarh.
  • Air Transport
    The nearest airport is at Udaipur (171 kms.)
  • Communication Facilities
Sr. Facilities No.
1 Post Offices 391
2 Telegraph Offices 95
3 Telephone exchanges 71
4 Public call offices 1,180


Offices, Deposits and Credit as on Sep 2005 Offices (No.) Deposits (Rs.Lakh) Credit (Rs.Lakh)
All Scheduled Commercial Banks 125 121900 155300
Public Sector Banks 71 86500 138400
SBI and its Associates 29 40500 69600
Nationalised Banks 42 46000 68800
Foreign Banks - - -
Regional Rural Banks 34 13200 8900
Other Scheduled Commercial Banks 20 22300 8100

Educational Facilities/Institutions

Sr. Facilities/Institutions No.
1 Primary and Middle Schools 2,009
2 Higher Secondary and Secondary Schools 212
3 Under Graduate and Post Graduate Colleges 7
4 ITI, Textile Institute and others 6

Industrial Scenario

  • No. of Large and Medium Scale Units: 38
  • No. of Small Scale Units: 9,298
  • No of Industrial Areas: 7
    1. Bigod
    2. Bhilwara - Phase I, II, III
    3. Extension Area
    4. Bhilwara
    5. Jahajpur
    6. Raila
    7. Transferred Area I.E.
  • Main Existing Industries Pressure pipes, basic metal and alloy units, bread and biscuits, cardboard boxes, carpet and shoddy yarn, cattle feed, confectionary, cotton ginning, cotton niwar and tape, cotton and synthetic yarn, cotton mercising and doubling yarn, cotton textiles, electrical machinery and instruments, dal mills, ice candy manufacturing, machinery and spare parts, mica processing, oil mills, oxygen gas, power loom cloth, processing of synthetic fibres, quartz grinding, rubber and plastic basee units, scented tobacco and bidi, silica and sand grinding, soap stone purverising, suiting and shirting, vanaspati solvent oil, woollen blankets.
  • Export Items Asbestos, polyster viscose and woollen blended cotton yarn and fabrics, fabrics soddy yarn wool top, powerlooms parts and accessories, polythene bags, PVC footwear, sodium sulphide, spinning mills, wooden packing boxes, zinc oxide.

Investment Projects

Major Investment Projects as of Jul 2006 in Bhilwara


Company / Ownership Project Location Industry /
Type of Project
Progress of Implementation
Sangam (India) Ltd.
Sangam (R.P.Soni) Group Atun Cotton yarn 541.00 Under Implementation
Textile Mill Bhilwara(B) Ren./Mod.-Subs. Expn. - Under Implementation
Modernisation-cum-Expansion Project Bilia - - Under Implementation
- Bhilwara(B) - - Under Implementation
Nitin Spinners Ltd.
Private (Indian) Hamirgarh Cotton yarn 208.00 Under Implementation
Cotton Yarn Expansion Project Bhilwara(B) Subs. Expn. - Under Implementation
Sangam (India) Ltd.
Sangam (R.P.Soni) Group Dhuwaliya Coal based thermal electricity 90.00 Announcement
Captive Power Project Bhilwara(B) New Unit - Announcement
R S W M Ltd.
LNJ Bhilwara Group Gulabpura Thermal electricity 50.00 Announcement
Gulabpura (Bhilwara) Captive Power Bhilwara(B) New Unit - Announcement
Project - - - Announcement
Sangam (India) Ltd.
Sangam (R.P.Soni) Group Bilia Thermal electricity 40.00 Under Implementation
Petroleum Coke Based Thermal Power Bhilwara(B) New Unit - Under Implementation
Project - - - Under Implementation
Rajasthan State Indl. Devp. & Investment Corpn. Ltd.
State Govt. - Commercial Bhilwara(B) Other complexes 34.00 Under Implementation
Enterprises - New Unit - Under Implementation
Bhilwara Growth Centre Project Bhilwara(B) Subs. Expn. - Under Implementation
A Infrastructure Ltd.
Kanoria Group Hamirgarh Asbestos-cement products 25.00 Under Implementation
Asbestos Cement Sheet Project Bhilwara(B) New Unit - Under Implementation
B S L Ltd.
LNJ Bhilwara Group Mandapam Cloth (Fabrics) 25.00 Under Implementation
Textile Project Bhilwara(B) Subs. Expn. - Under Implementation
B S L Ltd.
Private (Indian) Mandapam Thermal electricity 25.00 Proposed
Captive Power Project Bhilwara(B) New Unit - Proposed
Sangam (India) Ltd.
Sangam (R.P.Soni) Group Dhuwaliya Cotton yarn 17.64 Under Implementation
Cotton Yarn Project Bhilwara(B) New Unit - Under Implementation
B S L Ltd.
Private (Indian) Mandapam Silk fabrics, processed 15.00 Proposed
Silk Fabrics Project Bhilwara(B) New Article - Proposed
Vijaydeep Silk Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Private (Indian) Bhilwara(B) Powerloom fabric 3.46 Under Implementation
Synthetic Textiles Fabric Project   Subs. Expn. - Under Implementation
Balar Synthetics Pvt. Ltd.
Private (Indian) Bhilwara(B) Polyester filament fabrics 3.00 Under Implementation
Polyester Viscos Project   New Unit - Under Implementation
Sona Textiles Pvt. Ltd.
Private (Indian) Bhilwara(B) Powerloom fabric 2.00 Announcement
Synthetic Cloth Project   New Unit - Announcement
Suraj Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.
Private (Indian) Bhilwara(B) Cloth (Fabrics) 2.00 Under Implementation
Blended Fabric Expansion Project   Subs. Expn. - Under Implementation
Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
Sterlite Inds. Group Rampura-Agucha Zinc ores - Proposed
Rampura-Agucha OC Mine Expansion Bhilwara(B) Subs. Expn. - Proposed
Project - - - Proposed
Total Investment 1081.10