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  • 27,244 sq.kms. (7.96 per cent of the State)


Bikaner is one of the desert districts situated in the north-west of Rajasthan. It is bound in the north by districts of Sri Ganganagar, on the west by Jaisalmer and Pakistan , Churu in the east and Nagaur and Jodhpur in the south-east.

Distance from Major Cities

  • Jaipur-320 kms.
  • Delhi-615 kms.
  • Ahmedabad-945 kms.
  • Mumbai-1,496 kms.

Climate and Rainfall

  • Maximum temperature in the district is 48 degrees celsius
  • Minimum temperature is minus one degree celsius
  • The annual rainfall is 24.30 cms

Administrative Setup

Bikaner (North), Bikaner (South) and Kolayat are the three sub-divisions in the district. The Bikaner North sub-division has only one tehsil while Bikaner South sub-division has two tehsils namely, Loonkaransar and Nokha.

Human Resources

Indicators of Human Resources Unit No.
Population persons 16,73,562
Density of population persons per sq.kms 61
Literacy per cent 57.54
Total working population per cent 35.84
Percentage distribution of work force Unit No.
Cultivators per cent 44.81
Agricultural labourers per cent 4.60
Servicing and repairs per cent 1.55
Other workers per cent 49.04

Major Crops and Their Production

Sr. Production 2004-05 Tonnes
1 Kidney bean (moth) 205831
2 Gram 91045
3 Groundnuts 77203
4 Wheat 73466
5 Rapeseed & Mustard 40059
6 Guarseed 39844
7 Bajra 35189
8 Rapeseed 4086
9 Barley 3416
10 Fenugreek Seed 3301
11 Cumin Seed 2382
12 Psyllium Seeds 545
13 Green gram (Moong) 243
14 Jowar 226

Mineral Production

Sr. Production 1999-00 Tonnes
1 Clay 3,55,603
2 Gypsum 6,37,100
3 Fire Clay 1,12,057
4 Ochre 1,257


  • Electricity 
    The capacity of existing Grid sub-stations in Bikaner district is 62.0 MVA.
  • Water
    Ground water occurs in the rocks of the trans-Aravalli, Vindhyan and territory formations at depth of 60 meters which increases towards the west and north. Around Kolyat, the depth ranges from 100 m to 135 m. The Indira Gandhi Nahar Project will benefit 188 villages of the district and 2.60 million acres of land.
  • Road Transport
    The district is well connected with metallic roads with all nearby district namely Jodhpur, Nagaur, Churu and Sri Ganganagar. The National Highway No.11 connecting Bikaner with Agra also ends in Bikaner itself. The total length of different category of roads in the district is about 3,624 kms as on 31 March 2000.
  • Rail Transport
    The total rail network found in the district has the rail length of 234.96 kms. The district is connected with Howrah by broad gauge and with Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Sri Ganganagar, Agra and Bhatinda by metre gauge railway line.
  • Air Transport
    The nearest airport is at Jaipur (320 Kms)
  • Communication Facilities
Sr. Facilities No.
1 Post offices 221
2 Telegraph offices 97
3 Telephone exchanges 61
4 Public call offices 537


Offices, Deposits and Credit as on Sep 2005 Offices (No.) Deposits (Rs.Lakh) Credit (Rs.Lakh)
All Scheduled Commercial Banks 137 157000 88600
Public Sector Banks 100 137800 81400
SBI and its Associates 62 77400 49900
Nationalised Banks 38 60400 31500
Foreign Banks - - -
Regional Rural Banks 26 5400 4600
Other Scheduled Commercial Banks 11 13800 2600

Educational Facilities/Institutions

Sr. Facilities/Institutions No.
1 Primary and Middle Schools 1,498
2 Higher Secondary and Secondary Schools 164
3 Colleges 8
4 Medical Colleges 1
5 Management Institutes 2
6 ITI 2

Industrial Scenario

  • No. of Large and Medium Scale Running: 6
  • No. of Small Scale Units: 5,310
  • No of Industrial Areas: 5
    • Bichchwa
    • Bikaner
    • Khajuwala
    • Loonkarnsar
    • Napassar
  • Main Existing Industries
    Bathroom fittings, Bikaeri bhujia, carpet and shoddy yarn, cattle feed, cement, ceramic tiles, cotton (in bales) textiles, dairy products, groundnut oil, gypsum grinding, handicraft items, leather footwear, machine tools and parts, mosaic tiles, mustard oil, oil extraction and refinery, papad and mangori, plaster of Paris, polyethene film and bags, PVC cables, rasagollas, textiles, woollen blankets and shawls, woollen carpets, wood and wooden products.
  • Export Items
    • Bikaneri bhujia
    • Leather items
    • Woollen carpets

Investment Projects

Major Investment Projects as of Jul 2006 in Bikaner

Company / Ownership Project Location Industry /
Type of Project
Progress of Implementation
Central Govt. - Commercial Enterprises Barsingsar Thermal electricity 1368.00 Under Implementation
Barsingsar Lignite Based Power Project Thermal-Lignite Based Bikaner New Unit    
Private (Indian) Guda Lignite 750.00 Announcement
Lignite Mining Project Bikaner New Unit    
Central Govt. - Commercial Enterprises Bikaner Dairy products 254.07 Under Implementation
Barsingsar Lignite Mining Project   New Unit    
State Govt. - Commercial Enterprises Raneri Thermal electricity   Announcement
Raneri Lignite Based Power Project Thermal-Lignite Based Bikaner New Unit    
Private (Indian) Raneri Thermal electricity   Announcement
Raneri Power Project Thermal-Lignite Based Bikaner New Unit    
Central Government Lalragh Hotel & restaurant services   Announcement
Lalragh Budget Hotel Project Bikaner New Unit    
Total Investment 2372.07