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  • 38,401 sq. km. (11.22 per cent of the State)


Jaisalmer is the Westen most district of Rajasthan as well as that of India. It extends from 26.01 degrees to 28.02 degrees North latitude and from 69.3 degrees to 72.2 East longitude. The district is bound by Pakistan on its North and West, Barmer on South, Jodhpur on East and Bikaner on North-East.

Distance from Major Cities

  • Jaipur-558 Kms.
  • Delhi-864 Kms.
  • Ahmedabad-626 Kms.
  • Mumbai-1177 Kms.

Climate and Rainfall

  • The climate of the district is dry
  • The mean temperature is 26.5 degree celsius
  • The average normal annual rainfall is 23.3 cms

Human Resources

Indicators of Human Resources Unit No.
Polulations persons 507,999
Density of population person per Sq.km. 13
Literacy per cent 51.50
Total working polulation Unit No.
Percentage distribution of work force per cent 36.85
Main-workers per cent 29.48
Marginal Workers per cent 7.37
Non-workers per cent 63.15

Major Crops and Their Production

Sr. Production: 2004-05 Tonnes
1 Jowar 1890
2 Guar seed 2,510
3 Wheat 13,690
4 Rapeseed & mustard 41,300
5 Groundnut 7340
6 Gram 1,010

Mineral Production

Sr. Mineral Production 1999-00 Tonnes
1 Limestone 10,63,000
2 Gypsum 41,527
3 Silicious earth 6,000
4 Marble 8,000
5 Sand stone 9,000
6 Felespar 233
7 Yellow sand 191


  • Electricity 
    One gas based power project is being implemented at Ramgarh with initial capacity of 3MW which now has got the sanction for increasing the capacity upto 160 MW. There are 518 village, of which 252 are electrified upto 31 March 2000.
  • Water
    The water level in the district varies from 30 metres to 130 metres. Till now, the Feeder Canal and the main canal having the length of 204 km. and 445 km. long distributary system and the water in the main canal has reached upto Mohangarh of Jaisalmer district.
  • Road Transport
    Being the border district, the district possesses very good road network and almost all the towns and most the important places are well connected with the district Headquarter. The total length of the road network is 1574.5 km.
  • Rail Transport
    Being the district of strategic importance, it also has a good rail network of 128 km. of length with 8 railway stations.
  • Air Transport
    The district is linked by air with Jaipur.
  • Communication Facilities
Sr. Facilities No.
1 Post offices 157
2 Telegraph offices 27
3 Telephone exchanges 22
4 Public call offices 374


Offices, Deposits and Credit as on Sep 2005 Offices (No.) Deposits (Rs.Lakh) Credit (Rs.Lakh)
All Scheduled Commercial Banks 35 28700 11000
Public Sector Banks 21 22500 7600
SBI and its Associates 15 17400 6000
Nationalised Banks 6 5100 1600
Foreign Banks - - -
Regional Rural Banks 13 4200 3200
Other Scheduled Commercial Banks 1 2100 200

Educational Facilities/Institutions

Sr. Facilities/Institutions No.
1 Colleges 2
2 Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools 42
3 Middle schools 159
4 Primary schools 741
5 ITI 2

Industrial Scenario

At present there are two industrial area in Jaislmer district located at Jaisalmer and Pokaran. Jaisalmer district is none amongst the industrially backward districts of the State is categorized as 'No Industry District' (NID). The economic activities in the district are picking up steadily mainly with the development of tourism industry. There are 1208 Small Scale & Cottage industries registered in the district with capital investment of Rs.53.46 million.

Investment Projects

Major Investment Projects as of Jul 2006 in Jaisalmer


Company / Ownership Project Location Industry /
Type of Project
Progress of Implementation
Private (Indian) Jaisalmer(NID) Wind energy 200.00 Proposed
Jaisalmer Wind Energy Project Wind Based   New Unit   Proposed
Central Government Jaisalmer(NID) Airports 40.00 Announcement
Jaisalmer Terminal Building Project   Subs. Expn.-New Art.   Announcement
Private (Indian) Jaisalmer(NID) Wind energy 3.00 Proposed
Captive Wind Power Project Wind Based   New Unit   Proposed
Central Government Jaisalmer(NID) Hotel & restaurant services   Announcement
Jaisalmer Budget Hotel Project   New Unit   Announcement
Total Investment 243.00