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  • 10,640 sq. km. (3.11 per cent of the State)


Jalore district is surrounded by Barmer on the North-West, Sirohi on the South-East, Pali on the North-East and Banaskantha district of Gujarat on the South-Western part of Rajasthan.

Climate and Rainfall

  • The climate of the district is very dry with large extremes of temperature and low rainfall.
  • The average maximum and minimum temperature in the district are 40.9 and 4 degree celsius resepectively.
  • Average annual rainfall in the region is 41.9 mm.

Administrative Setup

The district is composed of two sub-divisions viz. Jalore and Bhinmal which is covering five tehsils viz. Ahore, Jalor, Bhinmal, Raniwara and Sanchore which covers seven blocks/panchayat samities.

Human Resources

Indicators of Human Resources Units No.
Population persons 14,48,486
Density of population persons per sq.kms. 136
Literacy per cent 46.51
Total working populations per cent 31.05
Percentage distribution of work force Units No.
Cultivators per cent 68.72
Agricultural labourers per cent 13.63
Servicing and repairs per cent 3.05
Other workers per cent 18.51

Major Crops and Their Production

Sr. Production 2004-05 Tonnes
1 Bajra 1,44,090
2 Wheat 37,850
3 Jowar 2,480
4 Barley 580

Mineral Production

Sr. Production 1999-00 Tonnes
1 Gypsum 1,15,770
2 Limestone 1,09,358
3 Bajari 82,230
4 Murram 29,438
5 Granite 19,380
6 Flourite (Graded) 4,265


  • Electricity 
    There are two sub grid stations of 132/33 KV, one at Jalore with 12.5 MVA capacity and other at Bhinmal with 2X10/12.5 MVA capacity. Thus the total capacity of 132/33 KV system in the district is 50MVA. The district is also receiving power from Dewari grid station (Udaipur). 665 villages and 664 are electrified as an 31st March 2000.
  • Water
    The wells continue to be the major source of water & irrigation. The net irrigated area in the district is 0.216 mln. hectares.
  • Road Transport
    National Highway No.15, (Bhatinda-Kandla) passes through the district. All the block head quarters are connected with bus routes. The total road length in the district is about 2660 km. as on 31 March 2000.
  • Rail Transport
    The district is connected by the Meter guage line of the Northern Railways. A branch line viz. Samdari-Raniwara passes through the district which connects Jalore & Bhinmal towns with 15 stations & 127 km. total length of Railway line.
  • Air Transport
    The nearest Airport is at Jodhpur.
  • Communication Facilities
Sr. Facilities No.
1 Post offices 265
2 Telephone exchanges 61
3 Telegraph offices 60
4 Public call offices 513
5 Telephone connections 3,747
6 STD/PCO 52


Offices, Deposits and Credit as on Sep 2005 Offices (No.) Deposits (Rs.Lakh) Credit (Rs.Lakh)
All Scheduled Commercial Banks 63 48400 28300
Public Sector Banks 27 32100 16300
SBI and its Associates 21 28900 15400
Nationalised Banks 6 3200 900
Foreign Banks - - -
Regional Rural Banks 35 15000 11800
Other Scheduled Commercial Banks 1 1300 200

Educational Facilities/Institutions

Sr. Facilities/Institutions No.
1 Primary schools 1,058
2 Upper primary schools 308
3 Secondary schools 106
4 Higher secondary schools 15
5 ITIs 2
6 Degree colleges 4

Industrial Scenario

  • No. of Large & Medium Scale running units: 2
  • No. of Small Scale units: 2,550
  • No. of industrial areas : 4
  • Main Existing Industries Butter and ghee, cement engineering & machinery manufacturing, granite slabs and tiles, handloom cloth, leather juties, oil mills, marble stone cutting and polishing, mustard seed crushing, skimmed milk powder.

Investment Projects

Major Investment Projects as of Jul 2006 in Jalore


Company / Ownership Project Location Industry /
Type of Project
Progress of Implementation
State Government Sendra Canal, dams etc. 13.04 Under Implementation
Bandi Sendra Project Jalor(B) New Unit - Under Implementation
Private (Indian) Sanchore Construction of buildings (Residential) - Under Implementation
Ashapurna Sanchore Project Jalor(B) New Unit - Under Implementation
Total Investment 13.04