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  • 10,527 sq. kms (3.08 per cent of the state)


The district is located in the South-eastern region of Rajasthan bound by Dausa district in the north, Kota and Bundi districts in the south, Bharatpur and Dhaulpur district in the north east and by Tonk & Jaipur in west and north west respectively.

Distance from Major Cities

  • Jaipur 167 kms.
  • Delhi 428 kms.
  • Ahmedabad 92 kms.

Climate and Rainfall

  • The district has a dry climate except during the short rainy season.
  • The normal annual rainfall in the district is 70.92 cms.
  • The mean daily maximum temperature in May is 41 degree Celsius.
  • The mean daily minimum temperature is 8 degree Celsius. in January

Administrative Setup

The district is presently composed of four sub-divisions viz., Sawai Madhopur, Gangapur, Hindaun and Karauli and ten Panchayat Samities/Tehsils. There are also five sub-tehsils.

Human Resources

Indicators of Human Resources Units No.
Total population persons 11,16,031
Density of population persons per sq.km. 284
Literacy percent 57.34
Total working populatoin percent 30.36
Percentage distribution of work force Units No.
Cultivators percent 65.83
Agricultural labourers percent 8.42
Manufacturing processing, servicing and repairs percent 4.82
Other workers percent 20.90

Major Crops and Their Production

Sr. Production 2004-05 Tonnes
1 Bajra 91,530
2 Wheat 78,200
3 Groundnut 6,870
4 Gram 4,060
5 Jowar 2,690
6 Sugarcane 1,850
7 Maize 990
8 Barley 880
9 Rice 210

Mineral Production

Sr. Production 1999-00 Tonnes
1 Silica sand 1,769
2 Quartzite 6,236
3 Stealite 729


  • Electricity 
    The district is receiving the hydro-electric power from Chambal Hydel System sicne 1962. There are about 41 sub-stations of 33/11 K.V. line and three 132/33/11 K.V. grid sub-stations at Sawai Madhopur, Gangapur and Mandawar. As of March 2000, out of 714 villages in the districts 702 villages were electrified.
  • Water
    The wells are the major source of irrigation by providing the irrigation facilities to about 59.22 per cent of net irrigated area which is followed by canals and diesel/electric pump sets and contributes 25.38 per cent and 12.02 per cent of net irrigated areas. The district has adequate water resources as the rivers like Chambal, Banas, Gambhir, Kali Sindhu, Jagar, etc., flow from the district.
  • Road Transport
    The district is connected with jaipur, Gwalior (in Madhya Pradesh) & with neighbouring districts with metallic roads. The total rad length found in the district is 1,196 kms. as on 31 March 2000.
  • Rail Transport
    The Delhi-Bombay broad-gauge railway lines pass through Sawai Madhopur, Gangapur and Hindaun towns of the district. A broad-gauge line connecting Jaipur with Sawai Madhopur passed through Isarda, Chauth-Ka-Barwara and Deopura stations.


Offices, Deposits and Credit as on Sep 2005 Offices (No.) Deposits (Rs.Lakh) Credit (Rs.Lakh)
All Scheduled Commercial Banks 70 45900 28200
Public Sector Banks 47 36900 24200
SBI and its Associates 14 17200 11400
Nationalised Banks 33 19700 12800
Foreign Banks - - -
Regional Rural Banks 17 4500 3500
Other Scheduled Commercial Banks 6 4500 500