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How Rajasthan Foundation distinguishes itself from other associations?

Unlike various associations, Rajasthan Foundation is an exclusive nodal agency set up by the state government for facilitating a process of continuous communication and interaction between Non Resident Rajasthanis and the State of Rajasthan and its various agencies.

How Rajasthan Foundation can help me in taking up a social development work in my native place?

The State has established Rajasthan Foundation as a one-stop centre to help the Diaspora in overcoming any problems and delays that they may face in realization of their endeavour for the development of the state. NRRs/ NRIs interested in taking up a project of social development are provided with all possible assistance from departments concerned for necessary clearances and inputs.

What are the objectives of Rajasthan Foundation?

To strengthen and renew the bonds between Non-resident Rajasthanis (NRRs) and the State of their origin, Rajasthan.

To facilitate participation of Rajasthani Diaspora in the development of the State of Rajasthan and welfare of its people.

To promote the well being of NRRs living in different parts of the country and the world.

To provide a forum for, and to facilitate a process of continuous communication and interaction between Non Resident Rajasthanis and the State of Rajasthan and its various agencies.

View more details in 'About Us' Section of our website.

What is the organizational structure of Rajasthan foundation?

The general superintendence, directions and control of affairs of the Foundation are vested in the Governing Body; chaired by the Chief Minister, Rajasthan. The Governing Body comprises prominent Non Resident Rajasthanis, Ministers and senior officials of the state government. The Executive Committee resolves the matter/issues necessary for efficient functioning of the Foundation. The Member Secretary of the Executive Committee is the Commissioner of the Foundation; who discharges all the executive functions of the Foundation in accordance with broad policy and guidelines laid by the Governing Body. View more details in 'About Us' Section of our website.

What all places Rajasthan Foundation is functioning?

Besides its headquarters at Jaipur, Chapters of Rajasthan Foundation have been set up in eight cities in India viz. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Surat, and one each in London and New York for the purpose of reaching out NRRs and to seek their participation in the socio-economic development of the state.

What kind of activities can be undertaken for the development of the state?

NRRs and NRIs can take up any activity or program that directly or indirectly supports the process of development in the state. Projects may be undertaken in the areas of rural development, eradication of poverty, upliftment of weaker sections, provisions for drinking water and other infrastructural facilities, including health and medicare, education, training, cultural, sports and recreational facilities and encouraging research and development. 
Education: Extension of School Buildings, New Schools, Stadiums, Computer Rooms, Labs, Hostels 
Community: Community halls, Public Toilets, Dharamshalas, Old age homes, Crematoriums, Marketing Yards, Public Libraries. 
Water : Drinking Water Tanks, Tube wells, Hand pumps, Water distribution Systems, Water Harvesting. 
Transportation : Connecting Roads, Cement Roads.

Where can one secure information and learn about the modalities for taking up any development project in the state?

Rajasthan Foundation has compiled a compendium which comprises procedural details for undertaking projects in various sectors in the state. NRR interested in establishing an educational or technical institute, hospital, adopting a monument or similar ventures may get an access to the desired information in the compendium available in Download Section of our website.

Do I get any rebates in taxes if I donate through Rajasthan Foundation?

All donations made to the corpus of Rajasthan Foundation (registration no. 930/Jaipur/2000-01) are exempted under the section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.