IT & Communication

e-Governance Initiatives in Rajasthan

IT Communication

e-Mitra - Electronic Service Delivery platform for citizens

Various Citizen-centric services of Government departments are being made available in integrated form through service & information delivery points called as 'e-Mitra' centers / kiosks. This project has been implemented across 32 districts under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. Currently 472 e-Mitra kiosks are operational around the State out of which 69 are Rural kiosks.

As part of this initiative, e-Sevak - the automatic touch screen machine has been installed at 3 places in Jaipur. This machine provides information pertaining to the consumer bills; their collection and generation of the receipt for the amount deposited. The services of e-Sevak are available round the clock. 

In Jaipur, e-Mitra services have also been started at all ATM counters of SBI / SBBJ.

Aarakshi (Online F.I.R. System)

A major initiative aimed at providing swift and transparent services of Police Department to the common man, a project to facilitate electronic filing of F.I.R has been launched in Jaipur City. This project has been successfully operationalized in about 70 Police Stations and field offices of Jaipur City and is being replicated across other locations in Jaipur and across all the districts in phased manner. 

This project would improve the internal efficiencies of the Police Department thus contributing towards better law & order management.

Backend Computerization

State Government's thrust on IT enabling of citizen services has necessitated the backend computerization of public oriented departments and revenue earning departments. IT enabling of back-end systems has been taken up on priority. Various projects covering specific verticals of State government are being executed. Emphasis is being given to change management and Business Process Reengineering in government verticals.



For extending specialized health care services to far-flung areas of the state, a Telemedicine network has been set up in Rajasthan by the State Government in collaboration with ISRO. The network was inaugurated by Hon'ble CM on 14.02.2006. Telemedicine network is being established between District hospitals of 32 districts , 6 Medical colleges of Divisional Headquarters and 6 Mobile Vans.

Registration & Stamps

RajCrest (Rajasthan Computerized Registration System) Project has been deployed across the State to simplify the Registration procedures and to provide registration of documents in one single day. The system is operational in 259 S.R. Offices. Departmental web-portal External website that opens in a new window is available for common citizen. The system has been enhanced for Anywhere Registry, irrespective of the jurisdiction of the SR offices. Presently this has been deployed in Jaipur on pilot basis.


Computerization-Automation-Refinement of Integrated System of Management & Accounts (CARISMA) is the project aimed to promote sustainable ICT solutions for improving the quality of life in rural areas by providing digital connectivity for need based agriculture solutions, communication, healthcare, governance and other diverse services.

Vikas Darpan

The GIS project, VIKAS DARPAN, implemented in the State in 1995-96 consisted of a resource-planning database created with an objective of linking this with individual villages, tehsils and districts. Looking to the emergent requirements of various State Government Departments, a project to upgrade 'Vikas Darpan' system has been initiated.

e-Procurement System

The State Government is committed to bring about greater transparency in government processes particularly those related to procurement activities. ICT would be leveraged to achieve this objective but also to significantly improve the internal efficiencies by bringing about reduction in time and costs involved in government procurement procedures. In this direction, State Government has taken up an ambitious project of implementing holistic Electronic Procurement System across all major Departments in next two years. 

This project is in being developed through extensive study of procurement procedures in five departments namely PHED, PWD, Irrigation, Medical & Health and Department of IT&C. Currently, it is being tested in DoIT and RUIDP.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Secretariat Local Area Network (SecLAN)

SecLAN project has been implemented consisting of state-of-the-art network connecting about 3500+ users along with creation of state-of-the-art Metropolitan Area Network (M.A.N) connecting about 31 Government buildings in Jaipur. SecLAN will be integrated with the proposed Rajasthan Statewide Area Network (RSWAN) and State Data Center.

The project Document Management System (DMS) to provide seamless collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing across and beyond enterprise is also being implemented under Seclan.

State Data Center (SDC)



A State Data Center has been set up to enable vertical and horizontal integration of departmental data and services. This Data Center is the core of the State level information infrastructure, which in turn would integrate geographically distributed data repositories.

Rajasthan State Wide Area Network (RSWAN)

In order to interconnect the State Government, a strong communication backbone; Rajasthan State Wide Area Network (RSWAN) is proposed to be established. State Data Center and Secretariat Network will ultimately be linked to RSWAN.

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development

Talent Development

To enhance the scope of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector in Rajasthan, Assessment of Soft Skills is being launched in association with NASSCOM under the project NASSCOM Assessment of Competence (NAC).

Training for IT skills enhancement and entrepreneurship especially for running e-Mitra Kiosks has been provided to 1250 women of 32 districts in collaboration with Banasthali Vidyapeeth during the financial year 2005-06.