The Rural Transformation


The Rural Transformation

The face of rural Rajasthan has tremendously changed from a land of scarcity to a competent and prosperous agricultural land.

Rural Rajasthan surprises most observers with its highly diversified agricultural produce. The State is India's largest producer of oilseeds (rapeseed & mustard), seed spices (coriander, cumin and fenugreek), coarse cereals and bajra in India and accounts for close to 70% of the country's production of guar. The State is major producer of soybean, food grains, gram, groundnut and pulses. 

Rajasthan's vibrant rural agriculture sector offers various opportunities for the successful establishment of vibrant and potentially profitable agro-processing units.

  • With 5.5 million tons of oilseed production, tremendous export potential in solvent extraction of oil from soybean, oil cakes, soya-based food processing, groundnut-peanut butter
  • With 13.23 million tons cereal production, ample processable surplus is available for production of high fructose corn syrup, coarse cereals (bajra, maize) based low-fat products
  • The rich basket of herbal and medicinal plants offers vast potential in processing of roas, vetiver and other essential oils; isabgol husk, seena powder, henna powder, neem oil based pesticides, and extracts of mulethi, gurmar, guggal, brahmi, etc.
  • Processing and export of seed spices like cumin, coriander, fenugreek, fennel, ajwain, etc.
  • Processing and export of guar gum for food (bakery and pharmaceuticals) and non-food (paper, textile, cosmetics and mining) applications; guar gum derivatives and guar splits
  • Processing of fruits: canned juices, marmalades, squash and waxing of kinnows and oranges
  • Production of malt beverage from barley


The Rural Transformation - Farming

The State offers vast potential for organic farming as small and marginal farmers of Rajasthan generally use low or no pesticides and chemicals and the agriculture is pro-organic. Plantation of jatropha (for bio-diesel), jojoba, olives and medicinal plants can be taken up in wastelands. The State also offers potential for profitable investment in high tech nursery for fruits, flowers and ornamental plants. Contract Farming for high value crops including medicinal and aromatic plants can also be taken up.