In General Downloads
1. Bio-data of each promoter as in Annexure-A and Annexure AA inclulding proof of residential address, Income tax PAN and Aadhar


Annexure AA   

2. Statement of Net worth of each promoter as in Annexure B including copies of title documents of immovable
3. Affidavit as in Annexure C regarding financial assistance availed and details of immovable properties owned by each promoter as in Annexure AA.

Annexure C

Annexure AA

4. Affidavit for connection lending as in Annexure D. Annexure D
5. Copies of balance sheet/audited balance sheet and profit and loss account for last 3 years of applicant company/concern and sister companies/concerns.  
6. Copies of income tax returns filed, with computation sheet for last three assessment years for each promoter, separately.  
7. Building plan for the proposed building.  
8. Project report alongwith the details of scope of products and demand and supply position.  
9. Quotations for purchase of plant & machinery from reputed suppliers alongwith list of other clients where the supplier has supplied the plant and machinery.  
10. .NOC from the local authority to set up the proposed project(as per rules of local authority concerned).  
11. Consent to establish or consent to operate as the case may be from RPCB.  
12. Environment clearance, if applicable  
13. Power assurance letter from power company in case unit is to be set up in other than RIICO Industrial Area.  
14. Any other statutory clearance/NOC necessary for the project to be commissioned.  
15. Documents regarding Land:                                
I For lease hold Land 

Copies of allotment letter/lease deed with site plan and documents showing chain of transfer of ownership/lease. Also copies of receipts of lease money.
II For converted land Copies of sale deed/mutation entry in revenue record, trace map conversion order/lease deed with duly approved site plan showing ”aam rasta”. Copy of receipt of conversion charges.

III For freehold land

Patta/sale deed with chain of transfer of title documents & site plan. NOC from local authorities regarding permission to set up the proposed project. Copy of resolution passed by Gram Panchayat.
  IF THE APPLICANT IS A PARTNERSHIP FIRM: (In addition to General information)  
1. Partnership deed/supplementary partnership deed alongwith firm registration certificate and entry u/s 67 of the Indian partnership act.
2. Consent of partners authorising one partner to sign the application for submit the documents with application form to represent the firm before RFC.
  IF THE APPLICANT IS COMPANY:(In addition to General information)  
1. Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum & Article of Association.
2. Certificate of commencement of business (in case of public limited company).
3. Form DIR 12 for incoming & outgoing directors.
4. Share holding pattern.
5. Search report.