1.   Constitute the firm/company and get it registered with concerned authority.

2.   Identify/Select the project.

3.   Acquire a piece of land after selecting the site from RIICO or other concerned agency. If the land is agriculture, conversion order for industrial  purpose may be  obtained from the competent authority.

Prepare project report

1.   File the application for loan in the prescribed format along with requisite fee and required information/documents as detailed in the application form. The application form may be obtained from Branch offices situated throughout Rajasthan, HO at Jaipur, Public Relation Office, Bikaner House, Delhi.

2.  Attend the PC&CC /IPC meeting on receipt of information from the Corporation. This meeting is convened almost every week.

3.  Principle clearance on loan proposal is given within a week’s time during discussions in the PC&CC/IPC.

4.   Detailed appraisal is taken up by the appraisal team quickly after principle clearance of the case from PC&CC/IPC and loan is sanctioned  normally within one month’s time. However, Co-operation from the entrepreneur with regard to furnishing the information/documents is  expected for quick appraisal.

5.   After appraisal, the case is sanctioned and sanction is conveyed after deposition of Processing charges.

6.   Comply with the conditions stipulated in the sanction letter and complete the formalities for execution of loan documents.

7.   After execution of loan documents, disbursement of token amount and loan against land is released.

8.   Disbursement of loan would be released in instalments on creation of fixed assets and after verifying the investment made; by the Technical  Officer of the Corporation.

Note: The entrepreneur/promoter may personally represent the case or otherwise may authorise any person/consultant to represent the case on behalf of promoter by furnishing power of Attorney in the prescribed format. However, presence of promoter in person is required while discussing important issues and finalising the case in the project clearance and consultative committee (PC&CC) and while executing the documents.