Entrepreneur Name

:  Shri Vinod Kumar Jain

Story No. 101


Name of the unit

:  M/s Shree Shree Nath Synthetics Pvt. Ltd.


:  51, 61 Undeveloped Industrial Area, Pur Road, Bhilwara.

Contact No.

: (M) 098290 47369







Quote :


“Initially RFC was the only financial institute to provide aid to small sector entrepreneurs. RFC is having a good experience in financing entrepreneurs.”


Success Story :

This industrial set up has been the result of RFC’s support. They deal in synthetic fabrics and have regularly sought financial aid from RFC. The Unit has expanded its project and continues the trend of updating its plant with latest prevalence in market. The company’s turnover is more than two crores. They have repaid six loans out of nine and are regularly paying the remaining installments.

To RFC, the promoter is well known, financially sound and of good reputation in the market. The Corporation has been in contact with father of the main promoter who had initially set up the unit. According to RFC, as on date the company is having latest technology for their business and is doing very well. The promoter is a Gold Card Holder of the Corporation.





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