Entrepreneur Name

:  Shri Anand Vyas

Story No. 03


Name of the unit

:  M/s Shree Aditya Hotel & Restaurant


:  Ajmer Road, Nagaur.

Contact No.

:  (M) 092140 07245





Quote :


“RFC’s excellent financial support has helped us establish our hotel.”


Success Story :

Beginning as a first generation entrepreneur he gradually grew into a second generation entrepreneur with the support of RFC. Shri Vyas learned about RFC’s schemes in the year 2005 and since than he has been continuously taking financial aid from the Corporation. His hotel is doing very well and archived a turnover was 88.71 Lakhs during financial year 2009-10.

RFC considers Shri Vyas to be a reputed client who has always repaid his dues in time. His business is flourishing day by day and Shri Vyas intends to take more credits from RFC in the future.






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