Entrepreneur Name

:  Shri J C Kabra

Story No. 35


Name of the unit

:  M/s. Shubh Fabrics Ltd


:  Village Guwardi, Chittorgarh Road, Bhilwara.

Contact No.

:  (M) 098290 47383






Quote :


“Due to good service of RFC, we could increase our business day by day.

RFC has always encouraged us.”


Success Story :

Shri Kabra is a first generation entrepreneur who came in RFC’s contact in 1994 and till date he has taken nine loans from the Corporation. The Unit has increased its turnover in multiples by adopting new technology from time to time and has achieved a turnover of Rs 2 Crores.

They began their business with a small cloth shop and expanded by opening another concern with the name of Ajay Synthetics. Now they intend to open a process house. RFC finds him to be a good borrower who has made his repayments timely and out of nine loans he has repaid five.

The company has availed five loans under Good Borrower schemes of RFC due to its good repayment behavior.




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