Entrepreneur Name

: Shri Jyoti Kanda and Shri Deepak Kanda

Story No. 37


Name of the unit

:  M/s. Kanda Oil and General Mills Pvt Ltd


:  E-173 Udyog Vihar, Sriganganagr.

Contact No.

:  (M) 098290 76711, (M) 098290 76180






Quote :


“Small scale industries transcending its boundaries to amazing success.”


Success Story :

Both the owners are of the view that with the loans extended by RFC, they have been able to enter the industrial world from the world of traders and thereby have been able to establish new avenues of progress. Generous officers and their good conduct allowed them to reach the top position and Shri Jyoti Kanda has been appointed as the Chief Secretary of Mustard Oil Producer Association of India while Shri Deepak Kanda is the President of Sri Ganganagar Oil Millers Association.

The initial assistance of Rs 7.50 Lakhs granted to them in the year 1989 and subsequent loans thereafter have enabled Shri Kanda to achieve an annual turnover of Rs 50 Crores approximately.

RFC’s continuous support has made them to expand their business and establish several units. All this goes to show what RFC has been doing to promote the status of individuals and the small scale business houses they have been associated with.





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