Entrepreneur Name

:  Smt Jyoti Singhal

Story No. 38


Name of the unit

:  M/s. Vansh Trading Company


:  E-284, MIA, Alwar.

Contact No.

:  (M) 092142 11373






Quote :


“After taking loan from RFC, I have been very successful in my business.”


Success Story :

Smt Jyoti Singhal has recently been associated with RFC and has taken a loan for Rs 25.25 Lakhs this year. Her experience of securing financial support has been a very nice and encouraging one. She found the RFC staff to be very helpful and accommodating.

Smt. Singhal had started her business borrowing money from her relatives. She could pay off all her credits with the help of RFC which, in turn has faith in the borrower as she has been paying off her installments to the Corporation regularly.





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