Entrepreneur Name

:  Smt Pushplata Baid

Story No. 76


Name of the unit

:  M/s. Crystal Packaging


:  G I- 102, RIICO Industrial Area, Heerawala, Jaipur.

Contact No.

:  (Tel) 0141 – 2363048-49






Quote :


“Trusting the power of women and providing them with financial aid.”


Success Story :

The PET bottles and jar industry set up in the RIICO industrial area of Jaipur, gradually grew into a profitable industrial concern with financial help given by RFC. The association began in 2005 and the crystal packaging unit started shining with the brilliance of success.

The growth is quite commendable with a marked annual turnover of Rs 159.93 Lakhs. RFC views the borrower as trustworthy and the interaction a very fruitful one as both the sides benefited out of it. The lender got its returns in due time and the borrower received the required funds on time.




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