Entrepreneur Name

:  Shri Sanwarmal Jangir

Story No. 82


Name of the unit

:  M/s. Purnima Arts


:  H1-81 (A) & 81 (B), Industrial Area, Churu.

Contact No.

:  (M) 094142 54660






Quote :


“RFC has made my yearly earning to be Rs 80 Lakhs.”


Success Story :

Shri Jangir’s small business unit of handicrafts has today become a yielding unit. Financial assistance from RFC has made this happen in a small place like Churu. He has taken loan from the Corporation to improve his business prospects and achieve a turnover of Rs 80 Lakhs.

RFC has found him to be an honest client who has made his payback timely enabling him for more loans in the future. As a first generation entrepreneur Shri Jangir has done considerably well with RFC’s aid.

Another tale of satisfaction and good growth!




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