The year 1961 witnessed the birth of The Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Limited (RSIC), as a Government of Rajasthan Undertaking. Under the Companies Act,1956. It plays a major role in promoting the handicrafts produced in the state. The Corporation assists the craftsmen by providing them the designs and facilities for marketing of the products. Rajasthali, its showroom, is an exclusive sales outlet with branches out of Rajasthan Also. RSIC not only helps augment the income of the craftsperson’s, but also accords them their well-deserved recognition and honours them with various awards.RSIC is also doing work of Export Infrastructure Services, Distribution of Raw Material to SSI Units and Marketing of SSI Products.This is a more than 50 years old Public Ltd. Company of Govt. of Rajasthan

RSIC Memorandum And Articles of Association


Organisation Chart


RSIC Organisation Chart